UK Start-Up Patchwork Health Seeks to Address Workforce Crisis Through Digital Platform

Patchwork Health, a UK-based startup, provides tech-powered solutions that address staffing challenges and allow healthcare teams to manage their permanent and temporary workforces through one fully integrated platform. The company addresses the staffing crisis in the healthcare sector by providing tech-enabled ‘staff banks’ for temporary staff and ‘rostering software’ for permanent healthcare staff.

The company was founded in 2016 by two NHS doctors, Dr Anas Nader and Dr Jing Ouyang, who experienced the pressures of temporary staffing shortages first-hand. This resulted in them bringing their extensive knowledge together to form Patchwork, with the goal to tackle these pressures and challenges and to create a balanced work life. Their solution is to help fill vacant shifts faster, easier, and cheaper. They empower clinicians to work flexibly and employers to manage safe staffing how they choose, to give everyone back their time, headspace, and work-life balance.

Patchwork’s technology consists of a platform for rostering. The technology enables staff to have their personal needs and preferences factored into their rota. Patchwork gives rota managers the tools and access to data they need for effective workforce planning. The tools only schedule the person with the right skills, not the right title, and provide hands-on support throughout the management.

They also offer a Patchwork model that enables ‘staff banks’ service for temporary workers. It also radically reduces reliance on the expensive locum agency ‘middle man’ and instead gives hospitals the power to increase engagement with existing temporary staff, access to networks of clinicians directly, and broadcast all their shifts through an app.

As a whole, the Patchwork solution saves money, ensures healthcare settings are safely staffed, and offers all clinicians a more flexible and sustainable way of working. Recently raising €20 million, the Series B round was led by Perwyn and backed by Praetura Ventures and KHP Ventures. With this funding, the team is ready to accelerate expansion into wider European and international markets and bring their services to new areas of health and a wider range of sectors.

Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Anas Nader, commented on the funding, saying, “we’re so grateful to Perwyn and all the investors involved in this round for enabling us to scale up this mission and help even more healthcare professionals work in a sustainable way.”

Source: Patchwork Health