German Bionic Revolutionise Safety in the Workplace with Al-Powered Wearable Tools

German Bionic, a tech start-up based in Germany, has developed life-changing wearable robotic exoskeletons that revolutionise workplace safety in physically demanding jobs; making work safer, less strenuous, and more attractive. 

The technology offered by the company includes:

  • Apogee: the lightest and most versatile AI-supported power suit.
  • Smart Safety Vest: the smart vest to bring ergonomic monitoring and protection to every worker.
  • German Bionic IO: the cloud-based software platform that intelligently manages and analyses workplace ergonomics and safety practices.

The Apogee is the company’s latest and lightest powered exposit built for commercial and industrial use, while the Smart Safety Vest will bring efficient monitoring and protection to every worker. The device’s main purpose is to aid with heavy lifting and walking by providing up to 30 kg of mechanical support, while helping to minimise fatigue thanks to the walking assistance. Apogee integrates easily in workplaces and has an immediate impact wherever heavy lifting and carrying regularly takes place, such as in logistics, construction, and the care sector.

German Bionic’s main purpose is to win the battle against labour shortages due to musculoskeletal disorders with wearable devices. Businesses in critical infrastructure that rely on manual handling are facing severe labour shortages made even more challenging as workers age or fall out of the labour force on a temporary or permanent basis due to injury. Their main goal is creating a more sustainable future through smart wearable tech.

Founded in 2016 by Michael Roland Sven Halbherr, the company has now raised over $48.4 million in four funding rounds, with the European Investment Bank as one of their lead investors. The company also received the CES 2023 ‘Best of Innovation’ Award for its AI-powered robotic exoskeleton Apogee.

Armin G. Schmidt, CEO and co-founder of German Bionic, stated, “our smart power suits and wearables protect people performing tough physical work on a daily basis in system-critical jobs against over-exertion and injury. They provide mechanical support for lifting and carrying, and use a smart assistance system to alert users, for example, of instances of incorrect lifting or when they should take a break. This leads to less time off work as a result of illness caused by excessive strain or accidents, which not only makes for happier employees but also makes them more productive.”

Source: German Bionic


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