bloXmove Set To Revolutionise Urban Mobility

The Dublin-based start-up bloXmove was created by three co-founders: CEO Sophia Rödiger, Dr. Harry Behrens, and Bernd Hanisch. Together, they are establishing an underlying network connecting diverse mobility service providers through a mobility blockchain platform that connects diverse mobility service providers in one global alliance. From cars and taxis, scooters and bikes to buses and trains, the company wants to revolutionise urban mobility.

The platform allows an easy plug-in onboarding, reduces technical integration pain and operates secure business transactions like identification to consumption-based settlements, reducing costs for verification and manual accounting processes. bloXmove’s platform as a service (PaaS) provides all the transactional capabilities required to conduct end-to-end business in real-time. The result is one strong ‘Mobility Alliance’, where a scooter company can offer a scooter, a bike as well as a rental car in one booking. All the while, the app improves existing solutions for mobility budgets and green mile rewarding.

bloXmove offers a NFT ticket (Non-Fungible-Token) solution, which are unique digital records created on a blockchain network. The ticket can be simply customised and used as coupons, vouchers, tickets or certificates.The NFTicket solution improves the customer experience, protection against forgery as well as versatility of digital certification and ticketing

Harry Behrens CTO of bloXmove commented, “bloXmove designed the NFTicket protocol to combine the functions of (exclusive) membership cards, vouchers, tickets and certificates of ownership. NFTickets provide the expressive power of Verifiable Credentials as proof of real-world asset ownership with the flexibility and attractiveness of NFTs.”

In July 2022 bloXmove announced a partnership with leading tech company Sphereon, offering data exchange solutions that enable organisations to quickly deploy advanced solutions where users can share data in a secure, verifiable and privacy-protective way. With their solutions they are leading in the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technologies and have made it their business to tackle the trust and privacy issues. 

Harry Behrens explained, “bloXmove bases much of its platform offering on providing secure end-to-end transaction platforms based on such technology.  In cooperating with a leader in the field of digital identities, we aim at applying their cutting edge data and credential exchange technology to the two converging industrial sectors of Power & Mobility.”

bloXmove has recently launched beta testing programmes for the decentralised applications that enable the Nigerian project. The launch will be a significant step in the evolution of the Nigerian transportation industry into a decentralised mobility system that takes power away from aggregators (such as Uber and Bolt) and returns it to the actual stakeholders (customers, drivers, and service providers) who originally held the power before the aggregators snatched it. bloXmove is rewarding everyone who participates in the app testing process.

With leading investors including Tenity, Outlier Ventures and Blockwall Capital, the company now stands at a total funding of over $330,000.

Sources: bloXmove