Microsoft President Heads to Europe to Help Shape AI Regulation Debate

Microsoft President Brad Smith talked up the benefits of regulating artificial intelligence and how the U.S. software giant can help, reiterating a message to a Brussels audience that he delivered in Washington last month.

Together with Twitter-owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Smith has sought to court regulators and lawmakers with calls for regulating AI, a technology that has drawn massive public interest with the arrival of Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Big Tech has shared suggestions on how best to regulate AI, which could help to blunt some of the impact of such rules on their business.

The European Union is working out the details of rules known as the AI Act, a global first that could set the benchmark for other countries.

Smith said in a blogpost, “our intention is to offer constructive contributions to help inform the work ahead.” He subsequently reiterated his message at a conference in Brussels.

He said Microsoft’s five-point blueprint for governing AI, which includes government-led AI safety frameworks, safety brakes for AI systems that control critical infrastructure and ensuring academic access to AI aligns with the EU’s proposed legislation.

Smith also urged the EU, the United States, G7 countries, India and Indonesia to work together on AI governance in line with their shared values and principles.

Source: Reuters