Nala Robotics Making Breakthroughs in Food Technology

The latest in food technology is making big moves in 2023. Nala Robotics, the leader in helping kitchens to modernise, has developed efficient automation cooking robots. Named after a culinary expert character in the Mahabharata book series, this company’s vision and mission is to change the restaurant and culinary industry with the help of automated robotics and artificial intelligence.

Who is in charge?

CEO/Co-Founder Ajay Sunkara:

Known as a serial entrepreneur, CEO Ajay Sunkara knows the concepts and building blocks of creating companies in multiple industry fields while winning awards for their successes. His companies may be fast growing in America but worldwide as he was listed in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2022 Franchise 500 ranking.

CTO/Co-Founder Vijay Kodali:

There is also the Chief Technical Officer Vijay Kodali, with over 20 experience in engineering and management and he specialises in product development, management consulting, supply chain and procurement technology.

“Nala was founded on the idea of creating robots that cook food with Consistency and to tackle the food industry’s toughest and hardest jobs.” – CEO Ajay Sunkara

As a way to revolutionise the culinary industry, Nala Robotics goal is to make and perfect, fully automated multi-cuisine chefs that will learn recipes, make precision measurements, use sensors and vision processors to check food quality and maintain a safe environment, all while keeping up with sales and productivity. This would be the first the world has ever seen and with Nala Marketplace Restaurant-as-a-Service, they would be able to offer professional, amateur, and industry chefs and business access to open cloud-based kitchens.

Cloud-based Kitchen: The Future of Nala

These AI-powered robots require minimal human intervention allowing Chat GPT, to perfect recipes, customised dishes, and deliver an impressive culinary experience. Nala Robotics has a reputation for innovative solutions and for working well in the technology and culinary industries. Compared to other robotics companies, their business plan allows for more collaborations with other companies like Ovention and Hatco Corporation to create Robotic Pizza Solution and with Saudi Excellence Co. to establish the first AI-based robotic cloud kitchen and research and development centre in Saudi Arabia.

The company has big plans for the future including a productive and sustainable robotic culinary industry. Their 5 goals are to help people taste the future of modern, automated restaurants in a unique and affordable way:

  1. They pride themselves in being easy to open and simple to operate since Chef Nala doesn’t quit, get sick, or clock out for 24-hour operation.
  2. Nala wants each made-to-order dish to be made with consistent and perfect quality every time.
  3. Each meal prepared my Nala products are made for customer to customise their meals and add their most beloved ingredients to every dish
  4. Cost saving measures without staff make it simple to collect extra profits on carry outs and meal subscriptions
  5. Lastly, they offer an open-source platform that will help to easily integrate Chef Nala to an existing ERP and be connected with the world.

Like all companies they do have their challenges and they aren’t afraid to admit it. Six ways Nala Robotics is trying to improve in the food industry are:

  1. Complexity of Food Preparation
  2. Safety and Hygiene
  3. Customer Preferences
  4. Cost
  5. Integration with Existing Infrastructure.
  6. Human Interaction

“We are a veteran team of experts with extensive experience in managing and leading successful businesses across the technology and culinary domains.” – CEO Ajay Sunkara

Nala Products

Now let’s do a little overview on their products are:

The WingMan™

Up first is the AI-powered robotic multi fryer or The Wingman™ which is meant to help with restaurant and food service operations, eliminate manual labour and allow for easy customizations and boost productivity. The automated system that can bread, fry, toss, sauce, and pack products 24/7. Starting at $2,999 a month, The Wingman’s language processor allows for it to respond to customer orders or operational commands which makes for the best kitchen assistant ever!

“Nala Chef is mainly for something that needs a burner or a wok. It’s good for Italian, Asian, Indian, Thai.” – CEO Ajay Sunkara

Nala Chief

Just as the CEO said, this is the very first of its kind, a fully automated multi-cuisine robotic chef. It is also customizable and has learned how to recreate a plethora of recipes. Since it is also 24/7 technology, it makes it easy to prepare ready-to-go or take out foods, help with meal prepping and planning for subscriptions, and even put together dietary meals like gluten-free, vegan, and keto all after hours.


Next there is the Spotless, which is probably the coolest dishwasher you will ever encounter. It tackles the hardest jobs, memorising the layout of an existing kitchen with its high-performance camera system, which makes clean-up time go by in a breeze. The Spotless scrubs, pre-cleans, rinses, dries, stacks, and stores kitchenware all for $2,995 a month.

Sandwiches Bot

Nala Robotics also invented the Sandwich Bot to make the ultimate sandwiches. This Bot can whip up a variety of sandwiches from steak, turkey, chicken and pepperoni with all the fixings. It slices, spreads, and tops any bread to help serve the best sandwiches ever.


And for easy take-away foods, Bowls prepares customisable dishes with different choices of bases, proteins, toppings, and sauces. It’s another easily integrated and innovative technology that can boost production and operate 24/7 using advanced AI and vision technology. Bowls can make salad bowls, vegan bowls or burrito bowls, at high speeds with its array of grippers. Plus, being the first of its kind, Bowls comes equipped with its own self-cleaning system to prevent cross-contamination.


Lastly you can forget about the latest pizza oven and just order a fully automated robotic pizza maker. Pizzaiola™ is a multi-cuisine, 7-axis robot made for the purpose of helping restaurateurs with creating amazing pizzas, pastas, burgers, wings, and other more. The pizza maker has language processing features that can respond to spoken menu orders or operational commands. This saves time and improves productivity since it can cook up to 50 pizzas in an hour while watching over friers, grills, and other food making and prep stations. Pizzaiola can select and press which dough to use, add toppings, cook, slice, and box individual pizzas, costing chefs $7,000 to lease a month.

Find Out More About Nala

“69% of #Americans aware of robots in #restaurants have eaten food cooked by a #robot or are interested in doing so, according to our survey.” – CEO Ajay Sunkara

Professionals, corporations, and at-home-chefs can order Nala products by booking a demo or reaching out through email or phone. Products can be delivered to multiple countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Orders take around a month to get delivered and professionals will install Pizzaiola and The Wingman overnight. Soon their goal is to deliver to different parts of the world with offices already in Canada and plans for more in England. Nala Robotics specialises in consistent cooking, 24/7 operations, on a scalable model.

To find out more information about Nala Robotics and all the products they offer, you can check them out at Or follow their social media platforms at Nala Robotics Inc., Nala Robotics, NalaRobotics, or Nala_Robtic for updates, photos, and videos demonstrations.