Frankfurt’s QuoIntelligence Gets €5m to Provide Threat Intelligence to Europe and US

Frankfurt-based threat intelligence firm QuoIntelligence has raised €5 million in a seed financing round. Funds will enable QuoIntelligence to expand its team as it vies for a larger bite of the European and US markets. The funding round was led by eCAPITAL Entrepreneurial Partners – which has cybersecurity firms VMRay, Tenzir, and Exein in its portfolio – and some private investors.

The start-up educates businesses on the need for threat intelligence as part of their cybersecurity strategies. It currently operates in Germany, Italy, Spain and the US.

Marco Riccardi, CEO and founder of QuoIntelligence, said, “as a growing number of organisations wake up to threat intelligence’s vital role in their business, this funding allows us to boost our threat intelligence offering, recruit top talent, and deliver unrivalled value to our customers. By continuing to seamlessly integrate technology and talent, we continue our mission to be Europe’s top threat intelligence partner.”

Dirk Seewald, Partner, eCAPITAL, said, “threat intelligence is a wide application domain. QuoIntelligence is uniquely positioned as a European vendor with a highly automated and differentiated service, that reaches not only large corporates, but opens up the huge mid-market. We are very enthusiastic about the prospects for the company and excited to work with the team.”